Tips for creating a top-notch website


Since the beginning of the 21st Century we could see how the web has become more and more integrated into people’s lives. Due to this assimilation the technology of the web has also moved along. There have been many important changes in the way people access the web and this has now significantly changed how the sites are now designed.

When undergoing web designing there are certain rules to keep in mind to make your web site stand out from others. There may be a hundred more websites just a click away from the user, but to make sure you capture the user, that should be the main target.

And you can achieve this target by following four simple steps:

  1. Keep Everything Simple:

Many users who are new to the world of internet find it hard to locate a certain thing on the website. Why? Because most of the websites are stuffed with irrelevant pieces of information and too many brand advertisements. This leads to mere frustration among the users. So first step should be to focus on the important elements of a website and keep your website clutter free; focusing on those elements that deliver the most usefulness and that can be done by figuring out what content attracts people mainly to the site.

  1. Easy To Read Text:

Clearly written text is very important. Text is basically written to provide information on certain things or in the shape of an answer to a question. There are a few examples that you can hold on to;

  • Don’t Use Tiny Font: using tiny fonts make it difficult to read, so it’s better not to make the readers squint. If you don’t want people to deviate from your website you should make sure the font and text is comfortably readable.
  • Limit Your Color Scheme: Though a lot of colors may look attractive but you definitely don’t want your website to look like a rainbow. Following the rule number 1 of simplicity, it’s better if you stick to a few colors.
  1. Visual Hierarchy:

This term is often used in when talking of web designing. It means that elements should be represented or arranged in a way that they imply importance. Visual Hierarchy influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. For example, Visual Hierarchy tells us that eyes move from top to bottom and mostly from left to right. So it’s better to locate the most important content of the site on the area where people tend to look more often.

  1. Desired Content Displayed As A Header:

Normally people don’t like scrolling down on the website page so it’s better to put the desired content as a header for example; put the ‘sign up now’ button in a larger font and in an attractive color box to make it instantly noticeable, because that’s what you wanted, more and more people signing up on your site. This way your site visitors will enjoy using the website just because of its simplicity!

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